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Tips for Moving into an Assisted Living Community

Moving is always a daunting task, and moving from a lifetime home can make the process even more difficult. When moving a loved one into an assisted living community there are some suggestions that we would recommend as you start this process. In this article below there are some very good tips on how to make moving a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Some of the tips we would like to highlight:

Having family members live close by can be a huge asset as your loved one settles into their new environment. Make sure to plan visits and outings on a regular basis so that you are still maintaining your relationship with them.

Get to know the staff members that will be working closely with your loved one. Knowing who will be taking care of your mom or dad  will help you feel more at ease with them living there. It also helps caregivers get to know your loved one better so they can provide the best care . 

Make their room feel more like home by bringing personal possessions and pictures, favorite snacks or drinks, or favorite books or movies. Help them set this up on their first day so they feel more comfortable in this new place.

Help your loved one feel more in control of the situation by letting them make decisions. Their opinions are important and they should have a say in this next stage of life. Their concerns should not be ignored. 

Lastly, make sure to emphasize all the good things that will come from this move. Will your loved one have fewer responsibilities to worry about? Are there activities that interest them? Will family be visiting more often? Looking forward to the future and what positive things will come from this change will help everyone feel excited about it.

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