SAL Cares Fund

When Scott, Gene and Nate started SAL Management Group (Shake A Leg Management) in 2006, they wanted to create an environment for our Super Caregivers to provide WOW care and service to our residents. Over the years, the Shake A Leg Caregivers have provided countless examples and experiences of truly changing the resident and patient’s lives.

SAL Management currently employs over 1,000 Super Caregivers that take care of 1,000 residents. Through the years, many Super Caregivers have gone through some very difficult and tragic personal experiences while working at SAL. We have been able to help out at times, but we feel that we can help out so much more. For this reason, last spring we started the SAL Cares Fund. We asked our Vendors, Partners, Owners and Employees to donate to this fund, which will be dedicated and donated to SAL employees that need some extra help in their personal lives.

So far we have been able to help out many SAL employees. Here are just a few examples of how the SAL Cares Fund helped:

  • Helped pay for funeral expenses of two SAL employees who unexpectedly and tragically passed away.
  • The fund helped pay for travel expenses for a staff member to visit her mom who lived out of State, as she was actively passing away.
  • The fund helped pay for medical costs of a SAL staff member receiving cancer treatments.
  • The fund helped to buy baby supplies for a young single mom.
  • The fund paid to help a mom in a domestic violence situation pay for rent, food and clothing for herself and kids.

This fund is confidential. Only the SAL Regional Team and Community Administrator who submits the application will know.

We are so fortunate to have the ability to care for so many super caregivers and residents. Our passion and vision is to improve and help better people’s lives.

We would like to thank our vendors, partners and super caregivers for participating in the SAL Cares Fund. If you would like to donate, please contact the Community Administrator.


Scott Monson
Gene Spaulding
Nate Boswell

Benefits of SAL Cares

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